lines ___ perspectives ___ graphism ___ shape ____

that is what i love.

Joana Dias is an ecletic visual artist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cinematographer graduated at Universidade Gama Filho, in Rio, and currently studying photography at Neue Schule für Photographie, in Berlin, Germany,

Joana has been across a wide open and continuous creative process, researching several ways and means of the photographic expression. She knows how to balance the random rhythms and intensity of the urban scenery with a symmetry and peculiar details in harmonic compositions. Connecting her captivating personality and a refined vision of her reality, arises a vigorous, solid and strangely beautiful photographic graphism. In 2008 Joana went to live in the Berlin, Germany. Influenced by the free-minded and vibrant environment of the capital, she goes ahead in the development of capturing the beauty of life.